Permanent lubrication with simalube in the paper industry

Machines and systems in the paper industry have to function perfectly under extreme operating conditions. In material processing, high temperatures, impurities and increased humidity are often encountered, which cause problems for the machine components and significantly impair the service life of the bearings and chains. The machine parts are also exposed to high stresses in the refining and finishing process steps. In most cases, the equipment runs in continuous operation, so a failure can result in high production losses. To withstand these extreme operating conditions and avoid unplanned downtime, reliable lubrication is essential.

Lubrication points
Two simalube IMPULSE automatically and continuously lubricate the bearings of a pump via a long hose.
The simalube lubricant dispensers continuously lubricate the bearings of a conveyor with grease.
In a corrugated cardboard factory, the bearings of the conveyor belts are automatically lubricated with simalube automatic lubrication cartridges.


  • No contamination of the manufactured products during production
  • High air humidity, sometimes high ambient temperatures


  • simalube mostly screwed in directly at the lubrication point.
  • IMPULSE connect: Digital monitoring and configuration of the lubrication points via Bluetooth®. The lubrication points can be monitored from a distance of 20 m. The device can be used to increase the pressure up to 10 bar.

Areas of application and advantages

Areas of application for simalube in the paper industry

  • Vacuum units
  • Lengthways-/cross-cutters
  • Pulpers, dryers
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • Chain conveyors
  • Drums
  • Roller transport systems
  • Pumps

Your benefits from automatic lubrication with simalube

  • Increased operational safety
  • Less downtime
  • Permanent supply of hard to reach lubrication points
  • Less time spent on maintenance
  • Reduction of wear and longer service life of the components

Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Reduction in servicing and maintenance: no more lubrication by hand, this results in enormous savings of time costs
  • It is not necessary to switch the machines off while they are being serviced
  • A longer working life for the systems thanks to continuous and precise lubrication
  • Flexibility: The runtimes can be set over a continuously variable range of 1-12 months
  • Only one type of lubricator is required per application. This makes it possible to reduce inventory costs
  • The hermetically sealed system prevents the penetration of dirt (IP68)


Application images

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