Automatic lubrication systems in shipping

The demand for technical reliability is significantly higher on a ship than in a vehicle on land: lasting performance in a rough environment (high stress from vibration, high salt content in the air, etc.) and a long lifespan are essential. simalube lubricators help fullfill these exacting demands. They automatically and continuously lubricate not only ball bearings in motors and pumps, but also chains, wire cables, guides, toothed gears, swiveling mechanisms, and more. Through the reliable care of the mechanical components with lubricant, disruptions and breakdowns can be avoided. simalube greatly reduces maintenance efforts and costs.

Lubrication points
The simalube 125ml lubricator seals the thruster on a ship to prevent water from entering.
The roller bearings of the swivel mechanism of the lifeboats are constantly and automatically lubricated on each side with a simalube lubricator for one year.
The simalube lubrication system, consisting of three simalube lubricators and three breasts, automatically and continuously oil, maintain and clean the ropes for up to one year.


  • Corrosion due to salty ambient air
  • Large temperature fluctuations
  • Lubrication points in hazardous areas


  • simalube lubricant dispenser, approved in all ATEX areas
  • IMPULSE connect: Digital monitoring and configuration of the lubrication points via Bluetooth®. The lubrication points can be monitored from a distance of 20 m. The device can be used to increase the pressure up to 10 bar. Special accessories (rope lubrication, elevator lubrication).

Areas of application and advantages

simalube applications on ships

  • Ventilator drives and bearings
  • Waste water systems
  • Pump motors and seals
  • Laundry and purification systems
  • Compressors
  • Distillation systems
  • Waste incineration systems
  • Fire protection systems
  • Elevators/escalators
  • Chains and steel cables
  • Cranes/swivel mechanisms


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Reduction of service requirements and maintenance costs: because manual lubrication is no longer necessary, less labour is required and time savings are great
  • Shutting down the machines for maintenance is no longer necessary
  • Longer service life of machines thanks to continuous and precise lubrication
  • Flexibility: The running time is adjustable from 1–12 months
  • Only one type of lubricator is needed per application. This reduces storage costs
  • The hermetically sealed system prevents contamination by dust and debris (IP68)
  • Decrease in corrosion-related failures





Application images

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