Automatic lubrication of rolling bearings thanks to simalube

Rolling bearings and sliding bearings of various designs are found in almost all industries. Rolling bearings are bearings in which between an inner ring and an outer ring, bodies (rolling elements) reduce the frictional resistance. In the sliding bearing, on the other hand, the two parts moving relative to each other are in direct contact. They slide on each other against the resistance caused by sliding friction. In both types of bearings, the continuous supply of lubricants in the correct quantity is the key to trouble-free operation, less wear, longer life and lower energy consumption.

Lubrication points


  • Environment: high temperatures, high temperature fluctuations, contamination
  • Technical: high radial and axial loads, vibrations - impact loads, high operating temperatures, different installation positions
  • Installation: poor accessibility, limited space, risk of damage


  • simalube mounted directly on the bearing
  • The simalube dispensers are connected to the lubrication points via a hose


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Fresh lubricant is continuously supplied in the correct quantity
  • No over- or underlubrication


Application images

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