Lubricate gears continuously

Opposing gear teeth with interlocking tooth flanks are suitable for transmitting power, torque or rotational speed (e.g. gears and other transmission parts).

Lubrication points


  • Environment: pollution, high humidity - corrosion, high or low ambient temperatures
  • Technical: very high loads, high power transmission, oscillations and vibrations, sometimes very large components
  • Installation: little space, choice of the correct accessories for the application of the lubricant (brush, brush, lubrication pinion, etc.)


  • The lubricant is applied to the components via a brush
  • The dispenser can be mounted directly on the brush, or the dispenser and brushes can be connected by a hose line


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Fresh lubricant is continuously supplied in the correct quantity
  • No over- or underlubrication


Application images

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