Saving valuable resources in the maintenance of industrial plants thanks to simatec innovations


Welcome to the simatec blog! In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of industrial maintenance and show how simatec's innovative products - simalube and simatherm - make an important contribution to saving valuable resources, protecting the environment and increasing the efficiency of maintenance processes at the same time.

Automatic lubrication with simalube saves valuable resources and time

Industrial systems require precise lubrication in order to function smoothly. This is where simalube comes into play - the automatic lubricant dispenser from simatec. With the ability to automatically lubricate systems for up to a year, simalube optimises the maintenance process. The lubricant is supplied in the right quantity, at the right time and with pinpoint accuracy. No valuable lubricant is wasted and the effect of the lubricants used is optimised. The continuous supply of fresh lubricant not only reduces consumption, but also minimises friction, which in turn leads to considerable energy savings. Manual lubrication work is a thing of the past, which is not only efficient but also cost-saving. simalube lubricant dispensers are reusable, which results in additional resource savings and lower CO2 emissions.

Efficient heating of mechanical components with simatherm devices

Energy-efficient assembly with simatherm: simatherm technology plays a decisive role in the assembly of ring-shaped components such as roller bearings, gears and flanges. If these components are heated before assembly, the inner diameter increases slightly and the component can be joined to the opposite side without the need for force. After cooling, the component sits firmly and in the correct position. The inductive heating method with simatherm devices enables precise and efficient heating, which not only simplifies assembly processes but also reduces energy costs. The heat is generated directly in the body itself, so it does not have to be transferred by heat conduction. Compared to conventional heating methods using ovens, open flames or oil baths, simatherm devices save a considerable amount of energy. In addition, the process is worlds better than other methods in terms of precision (the temperature is continuously monitored via a measuring probe) and work safety (no risk of burns).

Preventive maintenance, sustainability and innovation

The use of simalube and simatherm not only helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs in preventive maintenance, but also to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Automated lubrication not only reduces material consumption, the reusability of the products also minimises waste.

simatec continues to set new standards with its simatherm induction heating devices. Even the smallest simatherm IH 025 device can be used to heat bearings weighing up to 10 kg. In addition to the familiar features, the latest IH 045 device can now also be operated using the "simatec World of Maintenance" app. This app is free and can be downloaded from the stores (Android and IOS)

Stay ahead with simatec technology


Innovations from simatec not only enable efficient maintenance of industrial plants, but also set standards in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The use of simalube and simatherm is not only a technological advance, but also a step towards a resource-saving future. As a maintenance planner, maintenance engineer, plant manager or plant constructor, you should utilise the advantages of these technologies. Rely on simatec to optimise your processes, conserve resources and reduce your environmental impact.

We invite you to find out more about our products and look forward to your enquiries and feedback. Together we are shaping a sustainable and efficient future for industrial maintenance.

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