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Welcome to the simatec blog! Today we take you on a journey into the world of automatic lubrication and show you how the use of our innovative simalube lubricant dispensers not only revolutionises the efficiency of maintenance processes worldwide, but also enables impressively low CO2 emissions for sustainable processes.

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The extremely low Co2 emissions of simalube

The production of a refillable lubricator such as simalube only causes extremely low CO2 emissions of 265 grams. This minimal value is particularly remarkable when you consider that a lubrication point is automatically lubricated with a simalube for up to a year. This environmentally friendly technology represents a sustainable alternative to conventional methods. The following comparison is remarkable: the CO2 emissions of a 125 ml simalube are less than half of a 10 km car journey.

Sustainability and reusability


The sustainable practice of simalube is further emphasised by the reusability of the products. Reuse not only helps to reduce CO2 emissions, but also demonstrates our commitment to conserving resources and protecting the environment.

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Automatic lubrication for a longer service life


Automatic lubrication with simalube not only offers ecological advantages, but also economic ones. The longer service life of production systems through continuous and precise lubrication not only minimises lubricant consumption, but also significantly reduces downtimes due to maintenance interruptions.

Time savings and efficiency


The time saved during maintenance work by using simalube lubrication systems should not be underestimated. Automatic lubrication enables the efficient utilisation of resources and frees up employees for more demanding tasks. This efficiency gain not only makes economic sense, but also contributes to sustainable working practices.

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Responsibility and global presence


As a global player, simatec bears a high level of responsibility for sustainable behaviour. The worldwide use of simalube leads to impressive cumulative CO2 savings. This responsibility extends across the entire value chain and is reflected in the quality and efficiency of our products.




In the world of simatec, innovation and environmental protection merge into a unique success story. The extremely low CO2 emissions resulting from the use of our automatic lubricant dispensers are not only impressive, but also pave the way for all industries to focus on sustainable technologies. Together, we are shaping a future in which efficiency and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Discover the world of automatic lubrication with simalube - for a greener and more efficient future!

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