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In today's high-tech world of logistics, efficiency is of central importance. Companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to optimise their operational processes. A major contribution to this comes from simatec, a world market leader in automatic lubricant dispensers and high-tech niche products. (As Head of Product Management at simatec, I am delighted) We are pleased to present our solution that takes the maintenance of logistics systems to a new level - the simalube automatic lubricant dispenser.

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The advantages of simalube in logistics

simalube automatic lubricant dispensers play a crucial role in increasing the efficiency of logistics systems. Industrial chains, conveyor technology, sorting systems, roller conveyors, chain conveyors and palletising systems require reliable lubrication - and it is precisely these important tasks that can be carried out automatically by a simalube lubricant dispenser for up to a year. This intelligent lubrication not only extends the service life of production systems, but also significantly reduces downtime. Fewer maintenance interruptions mean increased productivity and optimised use of resources.

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Save time and increase efficiency


Automatic lubrication by simalube leads to considerable time savings during maintenance work. The automatic, continuous lubrication process minimises manual intervention, which in turn leads to greater efficiency during maintenance. Maintenance managers and plant managers can make better use of their resources as less time has to be spent on regular maintenance work.


Savings across the board through the use of simalube lubricant dispensers


Automatic lubrication reduces friction and wear, which in turn leads to a longer service life for various machine elements and therefore to lower operating and maintenance costs. Less friction also means less effort and this results in lower energy consumption. In this way, simatec enables its customers to reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to the use of simatec's advanced technology, resources and therefore costs are saved across the board when operating chain conveyors, roller conveyors, sorting systems, etc.

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The use of simalube automatic lubricant dispensers in the logistics sector leads to considerable increases in efficiency. The benefits range from longer equipment life, less downtime and lower energy consumption to significant time savings in maintenance. Maintenance managers and plant managers should consider integrating simalube's innovative technology to optimise their operations and remain competitive.

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