Silence the Squeak: The Essential Guide to Automatic Escalator Lubrication


When escalators spring into action, the only noise you should hear is the sound of laughter, not the all-too-common and grating squeak of metal on metal. This noise isn't just annoying; it's a cry for help from an escalator suffering from wear and improper lubrication.

The Escalator Experience:


Challenges and Solutions Operating an escalator isn't as straightforward as it seems. The quality of your ride—and safety—can be compromised by several factors, including the mess from traditional lubrication methods and unexpected downtime for repairs.

1. Say Goodbye to Messy Lubrication

Traditional lubrication methods can turn escalator shafts and glass into slippery hazards. Discover how modern solutions keep everything clean and safe.

2. Maximizing Uptime with Smart Maintenance

Frequent breakdowns interrupt the flow of traffic and are a nuisance. Learn how to extend maintenance intervals and ensure a smooth ride without the downtime.

3. Preserving Escalators:

Minimizing Wear and Tear Escalators shouldn't age prematurely. Find out how to reduce wear and tear, prolonging the life and luster of your escalators.

Introducing the Solution: simalube Lubricant Dispensers


We've teased the problems, now for the solution. simalube isn't just effective; it's smart, targeting lubrication precisely where it's needed without the mess or fuss.




1. Clean, Precision Lubrication

With simalube, your escalators stay clean, and lubrication is just right—no more, no less. Say goodbye to the days of being an accidental escalator firefly.

2. Smarter Maintenance, Fewer Interruptions

simalube dispensers work on an as-needed basis, drastically extending maintenance intervals. Enjoy uninterrupted access to your escalators.

3. The Secret to Shiny Escalators

Minimize wear and keep your escalators looking star-worthy. Lower costs and enhance comfort with simalube.


Easy Installation and Retrofitting


simalube not only promises a squeak-free experience but also simplifies life with special brushes, accessories, and kits designed for easy installation and retrofitting.

Conclusion: Embrace the Squeak-Free Life with simalube


The quest for a silent, smooth escalator ride ends with simalube. Don't let squeaks disrupt your day any longer. Choose comfort, choose efficiency, choose simalube.

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