Induction Heater IH 070

to heat small to medium-sized rolling bearings up to 120 kg

ih 70

simatherm Induction Heater IH 070

The IH 070 is intended to heat smaller to medium-sized work pieces up to 120 kg. The IH 070 comes equipped with 3 yokes and can be outfitted with an optional swivel arm. The heating device uses induction as heating method for bearings. Due to the external induction coil the device exemplifies efficiency. The performance can be adjusted to four different levels according to the user’s requirements.

  • For rolling bearings weighing up to 120 kg
  • For workpieces with inner diameter of 20 to 400 mm
  • Also included: 3 yokes, 1 temperature probe, 1 pair of protective gloves
  • Available for voltages of 100, 115 and 230 V
  • Swivel arm available as an option

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simatherm Induction Heater IH 070

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