teaser lubricants


Lubricants approved for simalube multipoint include high-performance lubricants, which have been modified for use in automatic multipoint lubricators. 

No. Application Temperature range (in the lubrication) Base oil Thickener DIN 51502 Data sheet
SLM01 Multipurpose grease –30 / +120˚C Mineral oil Li/Ca KP2K-30 pdf (45 KB)
SLM06 Fluid grease –40 / +110˚C Mineral oil Li/Ca GP0G-20 pdf (542 KB)
SLM10 Food industry grease –30 / +140˚C Synthetic AI KPHC2N-30 PDF (199 KB)
SLM14 Chain oil –10 / +90˚C Mineral oil CGLP68 pdf (346 KB)