simalube 15 ml

The smallest automatic single-point lubricator

SL15 duo

The smallest lubricator is universally applicable

SL15 Nr. 1

Automatic lubrication in the tightest of spaces 

SL15 Nr. 2

Lubrication of small bearings

SL15 Nr. 3

simalube 15 ml is ideal for small lubricant amounts

SL15 Nr. 4

simalube 15 ml – the smallest simalube lubricator

Small size delivers big performance

In confined spaces, the 15 ml simalube offers the perfect solution. With its compact size, it is unique on the global market as the smallest automatic lubricator. It functions the same as the larger simalube lubricators and offers the same advantages.

  • Space-saving thanks to compact size
  • Only 15 ml of lubrication
  • Robust aluminium enclosure
  • Same refill, installation and function as other simalube lubricators
  • Alternative to the simalube multipoint when less than 5 lubrication points are needed

SL15ml Cut model 2017 medium


Flyer, User manual