teaser lubricants

Standard lubricants

Lubricants approved for simalube include modern, high-performance lubricants, which have been modified for use in oil and grease lubricators. Data sheets are available for all greases and oils.

simalube can also be bought empty or filled with specially-requested lubricants. Please contact us for a consultation.

The following factory-filled lubricants are available:

simalube lubricators filled with the below listed lubricants will be supplied into all markets except USA, Canada and Mexico. For the US, Canada and Mexico, please click here.
No. Application Temperature range °C Base oil Thickener DIN 51502 Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
SL01 Multipurpose grease –30 / +120°C Mineral oil Li/Ca KP2K-30 pdf (45 KB) pdf (138 KB)
SL02 Multipurpose grease with MoS2 –25 / +130°C Mineral oil Li KPF2K-20 pdf (44 KB) pdf (138 KB)
SL04 High temperature grease –20 / +160°C Mineral oil Be K2P-20 pdf (41 KB) pdf (139 KB)
SL06 Fluid grease –20 / +100°C Mineral oil Li/Ca GP0G-20 pdf (542 KB) pdf (91 KB)
SL09 Biodegradable grease –20 / +80/100°C Ester oil Li/Ca KPE2G-20 pdf (344 KB) pdf (93 KB)
SL10 Food industry grease –40 / +130°C Synthetic Al/Comp. KPHC2N-30 PDF (199 KB) pdf (128 KB)
SL12 Very soft food industry grease –40 / +130°C Synthetic Al/Comp. pdf (586 KB) pdf (89 KB)
SL14 Chain oil –10 / +90°C Mineral oil CGLP68 pdf (346 KB) pdf (87 KB)
SL15 High temperature chain oil –30 / +250°C Synthetic CGLPE220-320 pdf (345 KB) pdf (99 KB)
SL18 Food industry oil –15 / +150°C Synthetic CLPHC220 PDF (47 KB) pdf (91 KB)
SL16 Machine oil –20 / +100°C Mineral oil CL68, HL68 pdf (39 KB) pdf (61 KB)
SL19 Biodegradable chain oil –15 / +100°C Ester oil pdf (52 KB) pdf (90 KB)
SL24 Multi purpose grease with EP –30 / +140°C Mineral oil Li/Comp. KP2N-30 pdf (55 KB) pdf (93 KB)
SL25 High speed grease –20 / +160°C Mineral oil Polyurea KP2R-25 pdf (30 KB) pdf (60 KB)
SL26 High performance grease –20 / +150°C Mineral oil Ca/Comp. KP1,5N-20 pdf (60 KB) pdf (130 KB)